Banyuls Wine Vinegar,Traditional, 5years Old

Size: 500 ML
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500 ML
Banyuls wine vinegar of the Cave de l'abbe rous comes from the southern most point of France (also named Naturally Sweet Wine) gets its aromatic complexity from an outstanding fortified wine from grenache grape, naturally rich in sugar. The wine is stored in casks aged for4 years, gives a wine with a burnt topaz robe and a woody and spicy nose, and it develops the famous Rancio aroma (fresh walnut and mint) that will be found also in the vinegar. To preserve this complexity in aroma and taste the vinegar is aged for another more year.The vinegar when aged to its full potential offers a combination of fresh walnuts, spice bread, beeswax, vanilla and liquorice notes. This complex taste will add character to any dish with just a touch.

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