BHA Food Grade NF

Size: 6 oz
Sale price$24.99


BHA is an antioxidant and preservative used in food industry.

It prevent oils in foods from oxidizing and becoming rancid.

Used in foods like cereal and other dry goods to help their fats stay fresher longer.

Also used in skin care products and as an antioxidant supplements.

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IFC Solutions Inc.
Non-Existent Customer Service

The quick submission of the product was the highlight of the purchase, after that it’s all downhill from there.
Customer Service is truly non-existent when all we need is some documentation (lot number, certificate of analysis, kosher certificate. etc.) for our records.
We called and got “this is the wrong location” then the dial tone… no call this number. Tried to call again to no answer and not even a voice mail. We’d like to return the order but no one will even return our calls. (0 stars)

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