Toasted Pearl Couscous (Whole Wheat), Israeli, Kosher

Size: 1 lb
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Used in salads, soups and casseroles or as a base for chicken or fish. It works well when prepared with seasonings, spices, sauces or fresh herbs.

Israeli couscous are round, slightly larger size lightly toasted pasta-pearls made from semolina flour, has pleasantly nutty-toasty flavor. When cooked, it has sturdy firm and soft, slightly chewy texture, and absorbs other flavors well.

Simple cooking Instruction:
Stir in 1 cup pearl couscous in 2 ½ cup water or broth, add salt & pepper to taste, bring to boil, reduce heat, simmer uncovered 5-10 minutes. Stir occasionally, until it absorbs the liquid and grains fluff up, firm but tender. Transfer to a serving bowl, and adjust the seasoning before serving.

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