Couscous (Fine), Tunisian

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Fine grain Tunisian Couscous, a very small, tiny pellet-shaped pasta made from semolina wheat. Couscous is a traditional Tunisian staple dish and is really symbolic of Tunisian cuisine.

Tunisians create a spicy dish with couscous and harissa sauce, where meat and veg are cooked in the bottom pot with all the spices and the couscous is steamed on top.

Recipe to make plain Tunisian couscous:
Add 1 tsp salt, 1 tbsp olive oil to 4 ½ cup boiling water. Spread 3 cup couscous evenly in the bottom of a large casserole. Add the water and cover tightly with plastic wrap, and let all the water is absorbed (about 15 min), then fluff with a fork, Let it cool. Toss it with boiled chickpeas, finely chopped green onions, fresh mint, and or raisins, pine nuts, feta cheese, olives, flat leaf parsley and salt to taste.

1 cup couscous will yield 3 cup cooked couscous

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